But I’m Not in Pain….Why Should I Get a Massage?

Have you ever gone to the massage therapist and said “help, my back hurts! I don’t know what I did to it but, its been like this for days/weeks.  I’ve tried everything and now I’m here.” Of course we have and even crazier we walk out saying “I feel so much better I should do this more often.” Then we don’t book another massage until we are in pain again. So here comes the reality check….. If you get regular maintenance massage you can avoid the pain that we can’t seem to get under control when it flares up.

Prevention is better than a cure sounds cliche but, maintenance massage is the key to keeping the pain away.  There are endless benefits to getting maintenance massage, not just to keep the pain away. Every massage you get effects every system of your body not just the muscles.

Massage does so much for our bodies starting with increasing flexibility and range of motion in our joints and muscles which most of us have experienced first hand. So lets cover the basic benefits for the whole body in every session:

Skin, Hair, Nails:

  • Increased tonicity.
  • Increased nerve conduction at surface.
  • Sloughing off dead skin cells.
  • Increased and better sebaceous(oil) gland productivity.
  • Increased growth in hair and nails.


  • Increases movement between muscles.
  • Better cellular nutrition and hydration.
  • Decreases adhesions and scar tissue.
  • Decreases lactic acid for faster recovery from activity fatigue.
  • General relaxation in muscles.


  • Increased circulation.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Better/faster nutrient exchange at tissues.
  • Makes heart contractions stronger and more forceful.


  • Increased immune response, preventing disease.
  • Increases lymph node/gland flow and activity.
  • Reduces edema.
  • Helps body’s healing response during healing process.


  • Brings more oxygen to tissues.
  • Increases deeper more effective breathing.
  • Normalizes breathing rate.
  • Loosens musculature between ribs for better lung expansion.
  • Stimulates respiration for those who are inactive or have reduced activity.
  • Loosens congestion in lungs.


  • Relaxes or stimulates nervous system depending on techniques/goals.
  • Increases self/body awareness.
  • Releases spasming tissues.
  • Head and face massage helps coordination.
  • Effective in pain control.

Hormones and Glands:

  • Helps transport hormones through circulation.
  • Aids in immune hormone function.
  • Aids in proper gland secretion.
  • Helps balance hormones, to aid in proper function.


  • Aids in digestion reducing constipation and/or diarrhea.
  • Improves function of all digestive organs.
  • Regular massage can also aid in fat absorption.
  • Improves tone of large and small intestine.


  • Increased circulation nourishes skeletal cells.
  • Improves skeletal and postural alignment.
  • Increases joint mobility and synovial (joint) fluid needed to lubricate joints.
  • Aids in repair of fractures by increasing circulation to location

So when you see and think about all the added benefits for your whole body do you think that massage is just for when you are in pain?  

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